Terms & Conditions

Please note that accepting the terms & conditions below means that you are in agreement with our guidelines. Please read thoroughly before signing as this document and its content forms the basis of our service provisions and is binding.

  1. Every booking is subject to confirmation after full payment has been received by finance office before the stipulated date of the programme. Should your payment not yet showing on our account by the commencement date of the program, please note that you will not be allowed to be part of the programme until an evidence of your payment can be confirmed.

  2. All booking forms must be accompanied by a proof of payment and a copy of your valid identity document or passport.

  3. Early payment is recommended to avoid delay on logistics and check-ins. All payments must have been received before the commencement date.

  4. Payment can be made through https://ivp.christmercyland.org/payments

  5. Whence your booking and payment has been confirmed and if you failed to turn up for the programme because of any reason, you will forfeit your entire payment.

  6. Any cancellation received within two weeks of the commencement date of the programme would not qualify for any refund. This is because hotels do not accept late cancellation.

  7. Any person who booked their accommodation outside our package will be responsible for their transportation from the Airport and feedings.

  8. Payment for your accommodation bookings will entitle you for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (i.e. 2 meals per day) from Saturday of the event, therefore any extra meal ordered from the Hotel shall be on your account.

  9. Invitation letters will be sent out to you for your Entry Visa application to Nigeria as soon as we can confirm your booking and evidence of payment to our nominated bank account.

  10. Kindly advise us in advance of any special dietary needs so that we may be able to cater for you properly.

  11. Due to regulations any person with disabilities, critically ill, in a wheelchair or with any critical condition will not be allowed to register as they will be required to go through the healing school programme first?

  12. We do not have couple’s package therefore all bookings are per person attending. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed.

  13. It is in our best interest to make your visit and stay in Nigeria (Warri) a joyful and memorable experience and we therefore request you to fill in the booking form as accurately as possible and suffice us with all the information required for us to meet and exceed your expectations.

  14. All resident in any rooms in category VIP to Executive Supreme Deluxe class will be entitled to have a One on One consultation with Papa in the room.

  15. All residents in Standard rooms Category Bunk to double Standard Rooms Category will have a group consultation with Papa in designated place.

  16. If any of these persons want to have a private One to One with Papa they will be required to pay an additional N100,000 then arrangement will be made for him or her to meet the Papa in a private room or his office.

I, the attendee of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries’ international visitors’ program, hereby unconditionally, indemnify Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries and all its members in respect to any loss, costs and damages that may be incurred by me or those under my care during the period I will be in the ministries’ premises. By registering for the International Visitors’ program through payment and signing this indemnity form, I acknowledge and agree that I am voluntarily attending the program at my own risk and therefore, I further indemnify the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries in respect to all claims which may be made against the ministry/church, by myself or by third parties due to any unfortunate event that may take place during the period of my visit.

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